NZ leading Website Design company – I-CUE, offers a number of online services for your organisation or business. Our website designers can create great web applications with the latest technology and provide web hosting and email marketing to all small and large scale businesses.

Web Design Invercargill



We design websites particularly for the needs of the business. We take care of graphic design, responsiveness – UI & UX, customisation and web standards to ensure the site will continue to look and work well.


We provide a platform that allows businesses to trade online. We design websites to ensure safe and secure payments. We can style the e-commerce platform to match business branding guidelines.


We create eye-catching websites with great layout design and colour combination to match your branding guidelines. Our qualified and experienced graphic designers can assist you in developing the visual personality of your business on the internet.


Once your website is built, you need a host. We provide cheap, fast and reliable website hosting services. We can help you with hosting both your website and email for a little monthly fee. We also provide database hosting at an economic price


We can design and create email templates as per your requirements. Our excellent email marketing tools can assist you in bulk emailing text-based or graphics-rich e-newsletters to the customer database.


Search Engine Optimisation. We specialise in optimising your website. We can make your website appear on the first page out of thousands and millions of websites. If your website doesn’t appear on the first page, contact us for solution.


I-CUE Offers a website design service with four main starting plans. Please note prices may vary with the complexity of the website.


I want people to know about myself

Our ‘INFORMER’ plan gives you a basic web presence and is designed to inform others of your existence and provide them with a basic overview of who you are, what you do and how to contact you via email or in the physical world.

The INFORMER plan include –

  • Up to 5 web pages
  • 10 – 20 images
  • Hosting starts from $10 + GST per month
  • Domain Registration starts from $39.95 + GST per year
  • $995 + GST


I want to show people my products/services

The ‘MARKETER’ plan allows you to present an overview of your products and services on the internet. This plan is an addition to the ‘INFORMER’ plan. If you have something to sell but are not ready for online sales, then the ‘MARKETER’ plan is for you.

The MARKETER plan include –

  • Up to 15 web pages
  • 21 – 50 images
  • Hosting starts from $10 + GST per month
  • Domain Registration starts from $39.95 + GST per year
  • $2250 + GST


I want to sell my products/services on the internet

The “RETAILER” package gives you a full-featured online shopping cart that enables you to sell your products online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Plenty of room for lots of products and your customers pay you directly by credit card – no hassle, no fuss.

The RETAILER plan include –

  • Up to 25 web pages
  • 50 images free. After that charges per hour
  • Hosting starts from $10 + GST per month
  • Domain Registration starts from $39.95 + GST per year
  • $3600 + GST


I want to manage my website by own

The “CUSTOM” package provides you with a content management system that enables you to manage your products on your own. We will design and integrate a database to manage your products and services through our solid programming and designing skills.

The CUSTOM plan include –

  • 5 web pages
  • 10 – 20 images
  • Hosting starts from $10 + GST per month
  • Domain Registration starts from $39.95 + GST per year
  • Pricing starts from $1650 + GST

Website Upgrade/Website Maintenance

You can purchase an optional 12-month maintenance plan for minor changes and alterations for an additional 10% of the overall setup price when your site goes live. This can be a great money saver, especially on the cheaper plans.

Major changes and upgrades to other plans are charged out at a standard hourly rate. Please inquire for an estimate.

Conditions, including but not limited to the following.

All information to be included on the website must be supplied in full prior to the commencement of the design. Any additions and variations may be charged as an extra depending on the time involved as a set package allow for a set amount of time for design and setup.

Any outstanding accounts may have their website removed or made inactive until the account is paid or in full.


High return on investment. Few sales may pay the initial cost.

 Get your website optimised to improve its ranking on Google or other search engines. We can help you to bring your website to the first page of search engine above your competitor’s website.