Police Services Board Game

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Learn about personal safety and what the police service does in our communities through real life scenarios.

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  • Printed on high quality material


Police Services Board Game – Playing games with your kids, or with your friends, is a perfect way to spend time together and build learning skills at the same time. Playing a board game after a family dinner is an excellent way to get closer to your family, while strengthening your family bond. Allowing your kids to play a board game helps them practice essential cognitive skills, like problem solving.

Moreover, playing board games lowers the blood pressure,r educe the stress and develop the health and brain of child effectively. Board games help children develop logic and reasoning skills, improve critical thinking and boost spatial reasoning. Encouraging children to play different types of board games can also increase verbal and communication skills, while helping develop attention skills and the ability to concentrate and focus for longer periods of time.

Children have the opportunity to develop…

  • A knowledge and awareness of safety through a range of different meaningful and real life scenarios.
  • Their contribution skills through actively participating and contributing to the group game.
  • Math skills such as counting and number recognition.
  • Turn Taking and co-operative skills by taking turns to roll dice, answer phone, and sharing their ideas and working together to complete the mission.
  • Literacy skills through the written words on the game board. Associating the pictures depicting scenes and written words on the dice etc.
  • Developing RESPECT for Police.


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