Free School Newsletter Covers

Every school needs a newsletter. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a professional looking, full-colour newsletter cover supplied FREE?

All of our free newsletter covers have an eye-catching design and professional layouts. We specialize in printing school publications like newsletters, magazines and newspapers. Our team is capable of smartening up your existing newsletter design with vivid, full-colour imagery or create a newsletter from scratch. We can design, print and deliver newsletters for any kind of businesses and churches also.

Newsletter Design

I-CUE offers NZ schools to get their newsletters design, print and deliver at one stop shop

Every school needs a newsletter to keep family members up-to-date with what is happening at the school. This can be a costly exercise for schools. In fact, 10,000 newsletter covers can cost in excess of $500 in A3 paper alone, and then there’s the cost of colour printing.

Our Offer

We will supply your school with newsletter covers free of charge. Your choice of colours, layout, photos, and logo placement, or just leave the design up to our creative graphic design team to create something unique for your school. We will supply you with enough newsletter covers to last for a full school year, in full colour, as an A3 or A4 sheet, and even deliver it to you – all for nothing, zip, nada, zero.

Yes, you heard right. Free, professionally designed, the full-colour newsletter covers printed on high-quality 100gsm paper ready to put through your copier.

How it Works

We subsidise the cost of design and printing by selling advertising space on the back page of the covers. These advertising sponsors are normally in your local area and in many cases are associated with your school.

Who qualifies for free covers? Almost all primary, intermediate and secondary schools!! For more information, call us now on 0508 4 PRINT or 03 218 3350 or email us at

So What are you waiting for?

Remember, these newsletter covers look great, raise your school’s profile in your community, keep your students and their families informed, and will cost you nothing.

To check out some of the covers we have designed for other schools, click on the slideshow – navigation buttons.

Contact Us For Free Newsletter Covers

Contact us at +64 3 218 3350 or find us at
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