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Leaflet Distribution / Pamphlet Delivery All Around Invercargill, Otatara And Rural Areas Under Southland And Otago Areas

With effective marketing, we can make the difference between the success and failure of your business. If you want to make your marketing dollar worth more, call now and talk to one of our marketing experts.


Important Information

Revised Direct Marketing Network

  • The way we do pamphlet deliveries has changed in 2021. The revised service is quite different from our usual service. All delivery areas have changed. There are now fewer areas than previous and some areas are smaller and some are larger.
  • The revised areas are colour coded and numbered according to the suburb. The area map shows how many pamphlets are required for each area.
  • We can deliver to one selected area, multiple areas or citywide. Unfortunately, we can no longer do part areas. You will have to do the whole area or nothing. Please note that Otatara areas are now covered under our rural delivery service.
  • All pamphlets must be in our office at I-Cue by midday on the Wednesday of the week before you want them delivered. Delivery will be completed the following Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Pamphlets must be in bundles of 200s unless arranged prior with us, otherwise or there may be an extra charge for us to break them up into the bundles.
  • Delivery prices are $56 + GST / 1000 for 1 – 25gms. $64 + GST / 1000 for 26 – 50gms.

I-Cue has a full design and print service, so we can work with you to create your marketing materials and distribute them all from one location.

Please find attached our latest information sheet for our Direct Marketing Service. Please disregard our old information sheets and advise your staff about the changes.

Mike Stenton


There are two things in the business you can guarantee:

  • All of your customers live somewhere.
  • All of your customers have a mailbox.

If you continually place the right offer in your customer’s mailbox, you can make money – simple as that. Why do most of the big names in the business such as The Warehouse, farmers, Dick Smith, and major supermarkets continually put their message in your letterbox? Because it works! Let us show you how it can work for you.

An important point that you might not be aware of is that information that is taken in through the eyes, i.e. what we see, is retained much more efficiently than what goes in through the ears, i.e. What we hear.

Why don’t smaller to medium businesses use letterbox marketing? Simple! There is no salesperson for letterbox marketing. It is only in the big business that you know the value of the humble letterbox for increasing sales.


regarding map, rates, areas and terms & conditions, click on the download button.