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Decorate your walls with Wall Art

Ready to install wall graphics – canvas prints, ACM Wall Art & Wall Stickers

Great source of creating an awesome statement on your walls through canvas prints | ACM wall prints | Wall Stickers. Our huge collection of ready to install wall art can complete the look of each room in your home or office.
One of the New Zealand’s best Wall Art shops – I-CUE, offers canvas prints, ACM wall prints, and Wall stickers for interior design, with images of nature, space, abstract, food, sceneries, scripture art, word art, star signs or customised with personal pictures to decorate your walls.

Canvas Prints

canvas prints

Canvas Art

Stretched/Wrapped/Unwrapped Canvas Prints

We offer single piece canvas prints as well as split photo canvas prints to create an awesome statement on your wall.

Our canvas prints have nothing cheap except the price. Quality is our priority.

You have found the best place to buy canvas print. Enjoy looking at our awesome collection of ready to install canvas prints.

Wall Stickers

Wall Decals

Wall Decals/Wall Graphics

This is something special. We have a special type of vinyl to decorate your walls. We have a collection of purely NZ made direct to wall prints.

Ideal for decorating a baby or toddler room, and you will be able to remove the stickers as they grow up if you want to change the decoration.

Also available in this range is a beautiful wall decal for your living room or office wall depicting all the countries across the globe.

Select from our collection of beautiful wall decals.

Wall Stickers

Wall dots | Mural Dots

Wall Dots | Mural Dots

Polyester self-adhesive wall dot stickers for your home and office.

These Wall Dots are easy to install

Just peel off the backing and stick.

These wall dots are printed on a special woven polyester self-adhesive fabric which can be removed without damage to the wall surface and re-positioned.