Toilet Signs With Directions


Restroom Signs / Bathroom Signs – Toilet Signs with Directions

Searching for a toilet in your facility shouldn’t be tough. Post bathroom signs to make it easy for your workers and visitors to find the facilities in your office, warehouse or manufacturing facility. We offer Toilet Information Sign in various materials and sizes.
  • Laminated,
  • Supplied as an adhesive vinyl sticker or mounted on ACM panel.
  • Meets industry standards.


Bathroom Signs: Toilet Signs with Directions

Our Toilet signs guide personnel and guests to bathrooms with restroom signs

Restrooms and their proper maintenance can seem like a small issue but does carry responsibility in any facility. Location, appearance, cleanliness, and availability are all part of ensuring your business or workplace presents itself in a professional manner. A proper restroom or Toilet sign can go a long way.

I-CUE’s Toilet Signs and Bathroom Signs will help you keep your restrooms clearly marked and remind employees and visitors alike to remember restroom etiquette. Our Toilet Etiquette Signs will be courtesy reminders for keeping any restroom orderly so that cleaning it regularly is manageable. Browse our colourful and bold selection and order your Restroom Signs and Bathroom Signs today! We offer a broad selection of restroom signs & bathroom signs with Mens, Womens, staff or handicapped bathroom sign designs – as well as bathroom directional arrows or any custom graphics.

Please note: Signs are unlikely to readily fall into the observer’s line of sight, or those located in areas with poor lighting will need to increase in size by 50%.

Need a custom restroom sign? Let us know if you require a bathroom sign you don’t see listed on our web site – we create custom signs every day. Avoid frustrating your customers and guests, show the way with professional bathroom and restroom directional signs, hallway signs and bathroom door markers.

If you are not sure about what sign you need for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our signage experts can guide you in the right direction. If you are unable to find what you want on the website, contact us at +6432183350 or email us and we will make it ready for you.

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Self Adhesive Vinyl Sticker, ACM metal sheet




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